The daedric army.

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User Info: FalloutKing

7 years ago#1
I will be the leader our goal is to conquer all the boards, by becoming the number 1 board help me get this topic to 500 posts!!!!

Post things in this topics about elder scrolls 5

Ill start it offf....anyword on new mounts or armours?
"I heard a rumor that you're idiot. Any Truth to that?"

User Info: Firestorm12

7 years ago#2
Yo dawg, I herd you liek armor, so we put mounted armor on yo mount so yo can mount your armored mount while armored. *Pelvic Thrust*

Turns out, makes for suck ass DLC.
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User Info: sho_raythe

7 years ago#3
I didn't know daedra pelvic thrusted stuff... :o

And uh, yeah... Armored mounts, whuuu. :] *pelvic thrusts*

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