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User Info: SubjectNineteen

6 years ago#21

If you were to go to, say, Barnes and Noble, you'd pay about $5.99 for a single issue of Game Informer. You may even be able to get the issue in question on eBay for less than that a few days after it releases.
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User Info: DarkxMagician

6 years ago#22
Dark Magician Master, It's not just a gaming magazine thing. It's a magazine thing. All magazines do this.

I only pay attention to gaming magazines, so I figured I'd be specific. ;-)

I remember Nintendo Power used to NOT do this, years ago. Then they started doing it, I think around the time they changed their logo and whatnot. Weirded me out.
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User Info: Voxwik

6 years ago#23
Something hilarious is that I ordered a subscription online Sunday, and it said "usually ships within 24 hours." On Monday it "shipped." On Wednesday I got a package with a little piece of paper saying thanks and saying it can take up to eight weeks to receive my first issue.


User Info: MrKunio

6 years ago#24
15 bucks is ridiculous for a crappy Gameinformer! Its Also pretty sad that there arent any good gaming magazines these days either! You cant even buy a Nintendo power at the grocery store anymore because they dont even carry it.

I grew up with Gamefan, Gamers Republic, and Tips and Tricks!
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