the fiji mermaid

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User Info: AddisonR

6 years ago#1
I seriously hope they add something about it. like a bar named the fiji mermaid, or a book with that title or something. thatd be great.
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User Info: Beatperson14

6 years ago#2
I wouldn't be surprised. IT'd actually be a nice name for a bar... and they could have one in it too, in a display case and stuff.

User Info: Firestorm12

6 years ago#3
^One that you can steal, of course.

I want it in mah house.
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User Info: wilsonr

6 years ago#4
An miniature giant half albino mudcrab with mirrored armor named wilsonr would be evern better.
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User Info: bestatfallin

6 years ago#5
how did a Fiji Mermaid every get connected to TES anyways. was there one in a previous game or something?

User Info: mcg20k

6 years ago#6
In Morrowind. He was really hard to find so people say he wasnt real, but he is.
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