I refuse to preorder

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User Info: Feartheliving

6 years ago#71
Herospree you need to pace yourself when typing. It's getting harder and harder to read your posts. Anyways glitches in a game won't destroy your disk so if that's happening you need to get your 360 checked out or maybe you got a faulty disk or something. I've seen some videos of some glitches in New Vegas and I myself haven't had anything game breaking just a minor freeze here and there and maybe a few enemies getting stuck in the ground that's about it.
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User Info: WG4F_is_win

6 years ago#72
I'm gonna preorder twice.

User Info: duffmukchaw

6 years ago#73


If you disc actually destroyed itself that is more than a software glitch, it may be the xbox like some have said, but you said all your other discs are fine so it is probably a bad disc, one that had a major flaw in the actually disc itself not the burned code of it but a flaw in the plastic it is made of like a big hairline crack or something which isn't really the fault of the developer that is a fault of the printing press.

User Info: duffmukchaw

6 years ago#74

I mean the molding press (the machine that shapes the plastic into cd's)

User Info: duffmukchaw

6 years ago#75

Another reason I don't want to preorder is because of where the videogame industry is headed, its becoming more and more for the casual gamer. Oblivion showed that bethesda was thinking about the casual gamer, look at the differences between Morrowind and Oblivion. This seems to be the norm with all game series, Resident Evil 5 became a standard third person action shooter instead of a survival horror, Assassins Creed Brotherhood had more emphasis on swordplay than stealth, Mass Effect 2 had more emphasis on action than RPG, Call of Duty and Metal of Honor are now more about online deathmatch than being a good war story, so its possible (not saying that it definetly will but there is the possibility) that this will be an even more casual RPG than Oblivion to suck in more casual players.

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