I think I will play through Morrowind again

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  3. I think I will play through Morrowind again

User Info: Oscar396

7 years ago#11
I'm playing it for the first time right now and while it is definitely a good game its nowhere near as good as Oblivion. Only people blinded by nostalgia would think its a better game. You should replay Oblivion, the better game, instead.

User Info: jared_allen69

7 years ago#12
isnt there a way to play morrowind on pc in the oblivion engine?
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User Info: Srk700

7 years ago#13
I've been playing it the past week on the 360 and its still as fun as it was when I played long ago. There are times where I hate the combat system though and wish I had Oblivions(mainly due to Gaenor the wood elf in Tribunal) though.

Only other problems is long load times when reloading and big dip in framerate when a lot of action is going on, but it has aged well for me.

User Info: MrKunio

7 years ago#14
Pure mage with High Conjuration is awesome! Go around learning all the summons and kicking tail!
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User Info: jdiggitty

7 years ago#15
Never played it. Just got my copy in the mail today and it looks pretty intimidating. Any suggestions of where to start?
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User Info: Fiddlerssoup

7 years ago#16
*is patiently waiting for his copy in the mail*
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  3. I think I will play through Morrowind again

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