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User Info: bestatfallin

6 years ago#31
Why not a community service option? More in a chain gang feel, Like when you go to jail, instead of just sitting there, they actually made you work. I mean they had plenty of options in Morrowind, what with that one mining company, or maybe forcing you to be a Kwama farmer. And I really liked how in Oblivion when you were famous enough, sometimes the gaurds would say something to the effect of "I'll look away this time" and let you go. IRL I've had experiences with police in that as long as your honest and respectful, they let me keep my weed. I'd like to see something like that, where you could possibly talk your way out of it.

User Info: TheKingOfCarmel

6 years ago#32
also they need to fix how if you commit a crime one place, every guard on the ****ing planet instantly knows about it. if its a small crime it should remain city specific but if you kill a few people and get away then the counts should send out messengers to other cities to inform them of your crimes.

And you can track down the messengers and kill them before they reach their destinations. So you can kill the messenger going to one city and you won't have a bounty in that city. Or you can pay off the messenger so they can go back to the count and say that they delivered the message.

I think half of these ideas are gonna have to wait for the next round of consoles.
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User Info: themagicpainman

6 years ago#33
How about you don't get to pass Go and you don't get to collect 200 gold.
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User Info: kevindrosario2

6 years ago#34
How about when you go to jail, you get put in a cell with a big Redguard named Bubba. If you drop any items while in jail, your athletics skill will be reduced by 20 when you leave because you won't be able to walk properly.
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User Info: Lostfile

6 years ago#35
JINJ0 posted...
Nonsense! This is Skyrim, home of warriors, realm of the brave! The laws are simpler here. If you make a nuisance of yourself and the people don't like it, then they'll deal with you as they see fit. If you insult a warlord you'd better know how to handle yourself in a fight -- it's off to the gladiatorial prisoner games for you. And if you make it out alive, then maybe you'll even catch the eyes of the bards, and be immortalized in song. Welcome to the land where men become Nords, hearthlander.

One of the only good ideas in this thread.

The problem with adding the option of a public execution is: what would be the point? A two minute cut-scene, where you watch your player die, and then you need to reload your last save because, guess what? You died.

The idea of escaping the execution sounds just as awkward. If people don't want to have to reload their save every time they go to the gallows - they'll escape, which makes the execution useless, which in turn makes an 'escape' useless.

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