Who does/will role play?

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User Info: twilitlink33

6 years ago#1
Like make your own character and play as though he was real sort of thing. Like eat certain foods, make up why you're in jail, what you like and dislike in the game, where you like to sleep best, etc. etc.

I have only done it a bit but it is much more immersive. To me it makes games much better. They don't have chairs in oblivion all over the place for no reason. I like to sit and eat and whatnot.

Also, i don't fast travel.

Anyone else? or do you all just think i'm some kind of nerd.
UltimatePizzaLord 6 years ago#2
I do it to an extent. Sometimes. As "nerdy" as it is, it can be pretty fun. Never too seriously, but I atleast try to come up with "why" my character does certain things.

I do use fast travel often. On my most recent game however, I limited fast travel to places I have personally discovered. No fast traveling to cities until I've been there. After that, though, I fast travel my ass off.
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User Info: BigBoss2021

6 years ago#3
I only fast travel from city to city, no exceptions. Also, i love decorating my houses xP. I'll put all the swords on a shelf all neat, and all the armor on what and what not. I've even collected the pieces of crumpled up paper and put em in and around a garbage basket next to a desk and all that. I find it quite neat =P.

User Info: rivve_

6 years ago#4
I generally base my character on someone from other fictions.
I.e I partly based my FO:NV character on Roland from the Dark Tower series.
Based my Oblivion character on the Swedish Templar Arn de Gothia.

I don't use fancy stuff early in the game, regardless of how wealthy I am, I wait for that until *I* feel it's appropriate that my character can live in luxury.

For example, until I was close to the end of the main quest in Oblivion, I lived in Bruma and hunted for my food. <.<
After the main quest, I lived in Skingrad, keeping my unqiue weapons in the glass cases, living the good life.
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User Info: GameGuy_5318

6 years ago#5
I haven't much in previous games, but in this on I will cuz my favorite race is nord and i can pretend he's left-handed, so for once I can make myself accuratly
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User Info: eugene1222

6 years ago#6
i always found it a bit over the top to role play while role playing. then i tried it and it brought another sense of "immersion" to the game.

i usually just keep it to no fast travel before youve been there (for cities) and only fast travel to cities, and from cities. (kinda like if a carriage took u or smthn) also sometimes i dont allow myself to loot enemies weapon/armor, or only loot the "bosses" so the game feels more like an RPG where you have to buy your own weapons.
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User Info: ZanarkandZ

6 years ago#7
I usually roleplay(I did it A LOT in Fallout 3 and NV) but first I have to know more about the story. I already have some ideas. Maybe a "evil" magician-type Dark Elf that hates nords, a nordic femme fatale women (I don't know if there's going to be as many conversation options as there were in F3) and maybe a crazy warrior nord that likes to start fights in taverns.

User Info: Twindragonfang

6 years ago#8
I play a HEAVILY modded oblivion on the PC and i always use the Fighters Guild uniforms mod.
So when ever im doing quest for a faction i wear their uniform and do ONLY their quests.
The uniform mod for Fighter guild looks pretty cool red plate armor with capes to boot.
The shrouded armor for The Brotherhood.
The mage robes for Mages guild.
Blades armor for the main quest.
Some Form of black clothing for the Thieves guild, usually a necro robe and hood >.>

Also when doing a certain guild set of quests i ONLY lvl up those types of skills.
I guess...it helps me pretend its Morrwinds guild system...

User Info: BigBoss2021

6 years ago#9
"I guess...it helps me pretend its Morrwinds guild system..."

That's actually pretty neat. I loved Morrowind's guild system much more. I loved how you could have mutiple contacts at the same time, as opposed to just one after the other, or how the advancement worked. Grah!! I'mma go play Morrowind now. xP

User Info: DrDredal

6 years ago#10
I don't exactly role play, but I create an extensive backstory in my mind.
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