The Option to Make camp

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User Info: bestatfallin

6 years ago#31
I meant no offense Mark. But you kind of summed it up, you play for the dungeon clearing and questing and all that great stuff, which i do as well, only i like to add a lil more by role playing. nothing serious, just trying to stick to a life-like schedule, eating 3 times a day, and sleeping through the night every night. Which leads me to plan my travels, if i cant make it to an inn or my destination by "bedtime", i'll have to stay at a camp, and it would be nice if i didnt have to actually find one, but could make it myself. I do apologize for my "tone" in the last post, i really meant no offense.

User Info: Herospree

6 years ago#32
support. didn't even need to read all of it, cause i knew where this was going.

specially too, you should have bandits raid in your camp while your asleep, wake up and take care of them.
I watch you every day and night; in your sleep, when your with your girlfriend in bed, when your in the shower, and most importantly when your working.

User Info: LexingtonSt33L-

6 years ago#33
^^^ This, otherwise i dont think this board realises how borring this feture would get if it was in the game. Whats next, your character has to find a toilet every few hours? Lets not get ahead of ourselves and come up with ideas that sound good IN THEORY.

User Info: Herospree

6 years ago#34
"Hey charlie! i gotta take a piss! wheres the bush you pissed at last time?!"

"its over there bob, to your left."


*bob walks over to the bush, takes off his breeches and exposes his lower body. next minute later, a arrow comes straight at bobs forehead and falls backwards, hitting the ground with a smack. his toxins flew all over the place.*
I watch you every day and night; in your sleep, when your with your girlfriend in bed, when your in the shower, and most importantly when your working.

User Info: bestatfallin

6 years ago#35
reminds me of Harold and Kumar. "it's not YOUR bush is it?"

User Info: TheMarkyH

6 years ago#36
LexingtonSt33L said it more succinctly than I could've hoped to. These kind of RP features sound nice in theory, but upon implementation we rapidly realize that we play the game for other reasons.

Think about how the survival stuff was sold prior to Fallout: New Vegas being released. It was framed as a challenge of wits and guts, braving the wastes, scraping together and improvising the means to sustain your battle-hardened Courier through another day of questing the wastes.

How did appear in reality? The narrative better reads spent more time dinking around in menus, making some meters go down, otherwise you could drop did in the middle if that quest you're enjoying.

Almost all games break down into core game mechanics, and ancillary necessities to make the world cohesive. Elder Scrolls' has a few important core game mechanics:
* Dialog/Quest Acquisition
* Exploring dungeons
* Clearing dungeons
* Sorting through loot
* Character building/stat work

However, you cannot boil the game down to JUST those elements, because they don't make sense by themselves. It is important to have proper juxtaposition to make the core elements feel more at a premium. The ancillary mechanics of Elder Scrolls are:
* Walking from objective to objective
* Selling loot

These intermediary steps between core mechanics help bring the whole experience together in a more satisfying manner. However, it is a mistake to think that they need to be expanded into core mechanics. For them to be core, they need to have a risk/reward structure. If they only exist to counterbalance the risk/reward parts of the game, they become a distraction or an obstacle. A good contemporary example is found in the Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas. Obsidian tried to artificially lengthen the experience by adding the toxic cloud, the beeping collar, the excessive traps and the enemies with stupid amounts of health. None of these features add anything to the core mechanics, they just convolute the ancillary parts. This ruined Dead Money. A requirement to set up camps would do the same. And if the camps are optional and with no risk/reward structure, then they become pointless.

Also, bestatfallin, don't worry about it. I always end up sounding more argumentative and opinionated than I intend also.

User Info: ivorymind

6 years ago#37
Setting up camp should be in an optional hardcore mode.

For us hardcore gamers who like immersion. Not for casual gamers.

User Info: onionsunleashed

6 years ago#38
sit by the fire make some mudcrab soup
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