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User Info: Jermyb

7 years ago#1
The world is going to be ending soon and i want more time playing this game.

User Info: MonkeyBones23

7 years ago#2
Why would you think the world is going to end? Do you have any proof?
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User Info: YoshiKong64

7 years ago#3
Why would you think the world is going to end? Do you have any proof?

^This! I agree!

User Info: Laughing_Grass

7 years ago#4
If they Mayans were so smart, why aren't they here today? They can GTFO.

User Info: vc152007

7 years ago#5
*breaks down in tears
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User Info: DrDredal

7 years ago#6
The world ended 10 years ago, didn't it?
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User Info: Firestorm12

7 years ago#7
The world ended 10 years ago, didn't it?

It'd be eleven, wouldn't it?
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User Info: LexingtonSt33L-

7 years ago#8
Who would want to write a calendar that goes on forever? They just got bored and stopped. Theyre called ancient for a reason.

User Info: VampLordAdamaru

7 years ago#9
Nah, it wasn't that they got bored.

They just couldn't find a bigger rock... xD
There are no stupid questions... There are, however, a LOT of stupid people...
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User Info: TheKingOfCarmel

7 years ago#10
According to ChaCha, Bob Dylan is going to die on July 21st of this year. So...the world's going to end before this game even comes out. Too bad.
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