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User Info: Dragonknight85

6 years ago#41
Hey, the Y2K thing was bull, who's to say this is no different?
XBL GT:xLegendaryOmega

User Info: YoshiKong64

6 years ago#42
... crap. i was in a serious mood.


Hahaha. I did enjoy your debate though. At least others can see what a stupid idea it is.
^This! I agree!

User Info: marcyman1

6 years ago#43
The world is supposed to end on December 21st, 2012, at 11:11am, according to the Mayans.
Crabdom has once fallen, and now it is rising once again!
General of the Crabrines and Stealth Operations

User Info: Dragonknight85

6 years ago#44
If the world doesn't end by then, it probably will when the meteor hits the Earth around 2059.
XBL GT:xLegendaryOmega

User Info: NCsmallCHILDS

6 years ago#45

Even if the world DID end, we would still have till December 21(?) 2012, to play it 8)

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