If Werewolves return...

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User Info: JDItaly96

7 years ago#21
That actually sounds pretty sick.

User Info: Terra_Freak

7 years ago#22
How about a werecrab.
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User Info: themagicpainman

7 years ago#23
A werecrab would be funny as a joke.

Anyways, maybe they'll just make werewolves look different for each race. Make reptillian wolves (Odd I know) for Argonians and such.
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User Info: staward1

7 years ago#24
look sweet bloodmoon is kinda back but who will win manbearpig or ur werewolve vote nowwww

User Info: LDK_Vergil

7 years ago#25
Ahh man, Werewolf-form was my favorite part of Morrowind! Being able to go full-on Nordic Werewolf would totally fulfill the Viking fantasy. That, coupled with the whole "Dragons" story... I'm honestly getting concerned just how awesome this game is shaping up to be.

Nothing could *possibly* live up the the expectation I now have in my mind :*(
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