How do you think armor will be handled?

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  3. How do you think armor will be handled?

User Info: DarkBlademaster

7 years ago#1
Will we see a system, like in Fallout 3, where the entire armor set is just one piece (plus a helmet)? Or will it be the traditional Elder Scrolls set up with gloves, cuirass, grieves, boots, helmet, and pauldrons?

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User Info: Smokey_Bera

7 years ago#2
I hope they do it like Morrowind with individual pauldrons.
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User Info: DarkBlademaster

7 years ago#3
I'm hoping for individual pieces, too. But for some reason I have this feeling Bethesda might use the Fallout 3 system here.
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User Info: rodman870

7 years ago#4
Individualized pieces. Full armour on just one shoulder and arm and youd look like nightmare.. or Edward Elric.. or a gladiator. Damnit I want Individualized pieces :O
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User Info: JimmyFraska

7 years ago#5
I want Morrowind style. I suspect Oblivion style. I loathe the idea of Fallout 3 style
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User Info: Srk700

7 years ago#6
Hopefully like Morrowind. I like having the right pauldron either missing or smaller than the left. Have a feeling it'll be Oblivion style though.

User Info: ramrod24xxx

7 years ago#7
I think there will be individual pieces. If you look at the scans closely, and this may just be the armor style, but the pauldrens on the elvish looking armor dont seem to be connected to the armor the way they were in oblivion. It could just be more detail, but idk. Also the other outfit seems to have a different shoulder on one of the scans, but still im unsure.
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User Info: TommyTwoTime77

7 years ago#8
Hopefully individual pieces
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User Info: Izick_the_Spy

7 years ago#9
Let's be honest with ourselves here, we all want more available pieces, but Bethesda is going to either make it like Oblivion, or streamline it to the point of Fallout 3, for better or worse.

User Info: SandalFury

7 years ago#10
Fallout 3 had armor like that because that's how the Fallout series does armor. Anyone who thinks Bethesda will implement that system in any ES game never played any other Fallout game.
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  3. How do you think armor will be handled?

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