How do you think armor will be handled?

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  3. How do you think armor will be handled?

User Info: rodman870

6 years ago#11
I doubt theyll do it FO3 style because then enchantments would suck. Youre killing off 5 enchantment slots Oblivion style and 7 Morrowind style.
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User Info: RavensRules69

6 years ago#12
I can't think of any reason they'd change the armor system; I haven't heard anybody complain about having individual pieces, so I think they'll stick with that.

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User Info: KiwiTerraRizing

6 years ago#13
From everything I have heard about this game they are not making it dumbed down, I expect a deeper experience then Oblivion or Morrowind.

User Info: BlindDeadeye

6 years ago#14
I'm just hoping that if they do armor like Morrowind, the armor pieces can mix and match and still look less like a patchwork job.
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  3. How do you think armor will be handled?

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