Just got my copy of GI with the lowdown...

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User Info: E32005

6 years ago#1
havent been this excited to read about a game since Uncharted 2

User Info: metalhead2061

6 years ago#2
Mine still hasn't come. I'm gonna go to the store and buy a copy if it doesn't get here by Saturday.
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User Info: misery013

6 years ago#3
I beat you got a lowdown lol. But ya the game looks and sounds awesome can't wait :]
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User Info: Raven9853

6 years ago#4
Yea, i am quite annoyed that mine hasn't arrived yet, I will probably do the same as the above poster and buy one on Saturday
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User Info: E32005

6 years ago#5
the pics looks amazing. so much detail. 5 huge cities and best of all; the faces!

faces actually look good now! and no more super zoom in with every convo.

User Info: dovahkiin

6 years ago#6
I don't think the magazines hits shelves until next month

User Info: George15843

6 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: JohnRyan1228

6 years ago#8
The pictures are unline and heres a summary of the content

-Third-person view has been improved
-A total of five cities will be available – and they’ll be massive.
-No HUD option included.
-Conversations are no longer done in the zoomed perspective, and will instead unfold more naturally.
-Players can craft new weapons by visiting a weapons smithy.
-You can duel with NPCs in the middle of the street, ala the Wild West.
-The Enchanting skill makes a return, while mysticism is out.
-”Radiant Storytelling”/ Level Scaling 2.0 – The game tailors content to your capabilities and experience.
-Fast-Travel is making a comeback.
-You can now sprint.
-Dynamic Shadows confirmed
-Character models have been beefed up, with NPCs showing more emotion and improved distinction between races.
-Radiant AI is back.
-The game engine has been tweaked to accommodate effects such as trees and branches that sway independently in the wind, while snow falls in a much more realistic manner.
-10 races confirmed
-Dungeons are more unique this time around
-Finishing moves included
-Children will be featured in the game (they were conspicuously absent from Oblivion)
-Dialogue will commence when you approach a threat
-More to do in towns, such as cooking, mining, woodcutting/blacksmithing.

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User Info: elraccoon

6 years ago#9
Simply seeing the preview images alone got me pretty excited. The articles were the icing on the cake.
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  3. Just got my copy of GI with the lowdown...

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