With so many huge releases coming in 2011, will this go under the radar?

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  3. With so many huge releases coming in 2011, will this go under the radar?

User Info: SILKA

7 years ago#11
Nope because it's the younger brother or sister of Oblivion.
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User Info: megaddtd

7 years ago#12
Yeah, it will because NOBODY knows about the Elder Scrolls. I mean, no one played Oblivion, right?

I don't even think people have heard of the game studio that's making this game. What are they called? Bethday? No, Bethesda! I remember that only because of the naval hospital nearby, and not because of Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas. Certainly, not because of those games. ;)

User Info: Poundx2

7 years ago#13

This game is the radars raison d'etre.

User Info: Aw3someness

7 years ago#14
This game is 10 months away and it's the #2 360 board.
I'm pretty sure people are looking forward to it.

*cough* this

If anything, it'd be wise for the other games to push their release dates one way or another to accomodate for Skyrim's release.
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User Info: KiwiTerraRizing

7 years ago#15
They could not market the thing at all and it would be one of the biggest games of the years. They keep giving us screen shots and new info it will break records.

User Info: JINJ0

7 years ago#16
lol@implying Skyrim isn't considered to be a huge release.
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User Info: GruntBday567

7 years ago#17
well considering only 1 1/2 of those games are RPGs I think Skyrim will be fine.
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User Info: Steinhandt

7 years ago#18
did morrowind go under the radar? did oblivion? the answer is no neither did both where game of the year. skyrim will be most likely praised in the same way as the other 2

User Info: antoniobandino

7 years ago#19
I think the answer is no but it also slightly depends on how the other games are reviewed...if ME3, Uncharted 3 and a few others get exceptional reviews, it won't be as prominent regardless of its rating. If a few of those games get trashed, Skyrim (which we all know will get something between 9.5 and >9,000 out of 10) will dominate AND, more importantly...when all of those games are beaten and exhausted, we'll be 1/5th of the way through so it'll be atop the homepage for a long, long time.

User Info: Swatman1

7 years ago#20
if anything this game will be above the radar and more popular than most of those
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. With so many huge releases coming in 2011, will this go under the radar?

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