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User Info: Zwieg

7 years ago#1
So what happens according to the lore if an argonian and a imperial reproduce or a bosmer and a nord or etc??
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User Info: FBlade24

7 years ago#2
Google it. I'm sure you'll find something.
- Da Blade

User Info: JINJ0

7 years ago#3
The child predominantly inherits the traits of the mother along with subtle traits of the father.
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User Info: DrDredal

7 years ago#4
Rule 34
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User Info: I have no name

I have no name
7 years ago#5
Wasn't their a book in Morowind about this exact subject? I remember it talking about how hard it is to stud half-orcs since no one will admit to sleeping with an ork and discussing the possibility that a human could mate with a dreugh.

Also the whole reason bretons are so good at magic is because their nord ancestors got funky with a bunch of high elves.

User Info: Zwieg

7 years ago#6
^ what is rule 34???
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