Keep, Cut or Change: The monsters of Oblivion.

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User Info: bobfather7

6 years ago#21
Why all the hate for Will-o-Wisp? It's good to have a bastard creature here and there.
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User Info: XxNumbersxX

6 years ago#22
how bout da hunger and ogrim from morrowind?

User Info: I have no name

I have no name
6 years ago#23
The Ogrim need to return, they were so cool in Morrowind. the Clanfear's huge, fat cousin with a pimpin gold nipple ring.

I agree with the people saying everything needs to return, even the annoying as hell will-o-wisps and spider daedra. Hopefully since they got rid of Oblivion's random leveled enemies the Will-O-Wisp will only spawn in specific areas instead of just popping up once you hit a certain level.

User Info: privatecbat

6 years ago#24
I honestly hope they get rid of most of the baddies, im excited for a butt load of new ones

User Info: parradox1992

6 years ago#25
Keep and change everything to be better. Also, bring back all the Morrowind stuff.

Except for things that don't make sense or whatever.
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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

6 years ago#26
Will-o-the-wisps are awesome; just cast Command Creature on one and watch it neutralize everything in sight. They'll even zoom across rivers killing Mud Crabs around them.

Everything except Spriggans

Spriggan: The laugh-like noises they make drive me nuts and the Drain Luck Lesser Power is annoying; not that Luck is of much use to me, but I don't like the symbol showing a drained attribute that can't be Dispelled.

Liches: Make them actually fairly powerful; enough to justify making them the most expensive Summon. They weren't nearly as helpful in battle as some lesser and much magicka- cheaper
summons; particularly Atronaches and Daedroths.

Brown Bear: Change them to be a bit faster or some other different from Black Bears besides Health and Attack power.
Timber Wolf: Same as Brown Bear.
Mud Crab: Make them slightly stronger.
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User Info: AlleRacing

6 years ago#27
Everything not mentioned below

Spider Daedra

Lich - More on the scale of Gedna Relvel from Tribunal, now that was a lich
Daedroth - I liked them a bit more as the magic casters they were in Morrowind, rather than the hulking alligator boxer they were in Oblivion, perhaps a mix of the two
Golden Saint - I'd prefer the Morrowind version
Dreugh - Again, Morrowind version
Bandits/Marauders - Make them named and don't let them randomly spawn with high level items
Goblin - Make it so that Goblin Warlords aren't the most powerful foe
Dremora - I appreciate the differentiation between the castes, but Oblivion took it too far, only a few are necessary
Hunger - Morrowind version

User Info: Black_Death182

6 years ago#28
Dare I say they should put in the best monster ever.....................DUM DUM DUNNN CLIFFRACERS. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
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User Info: FinalPhoenix9

6 years ago#29
They should put in very rare boss versions of some creatures, like really powerful Lichs or legendary warriors or something like that.

User Info: Behemoth81

6 years ago#30
Keep: Ogres, Minotaurs, Goblins, Mountain lions (duh), wolves, bears

Cut: Those yellow bastards WIll-O-Wisps, Ghosts, Imps, Scamps, Clanfears, Land Dreugh, Rats

Change: Everything else, either their appearance, or make them stronger... Skyrim's supposed to be this harsh environment, so obviousy the creatures are supposed to be stronger, right?
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