I'm sure this will be a heated subject.

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  3. I'm sure this will be a heated subject.

User Info: Glich23

6 years ago#1

So in order to expand the game. or add things on, i know they have a limit to what they can add until either it becomes to complex. or worse. But what are somethings you guys would like to see?:

Things that i have read and agree upon are:

Relationships: Friendships with guards merchants, priests everyone that you can talk with, i know this might influence the story line in a negative way.

Werewolves if anything, even vampires if you want: As i read, this does not mean that they have to fight, only recently have things depicted that they are rivals rather than nuetral or alliances.

Amour (in general): Pauldrons gloves, vampraces, greeves, boots, cuirass, helmet. I think things should be more customablizable (sp). They should bring back armour from morrowind and keep the oblivion armour. We should be able to have our clothing on , then stack armour on top of that. and if we want, put a rob on over all of this.

Smithing and tailoring: You should definatly (sp) be able to create your own sword or armour, or pay some elf, nord smith to. make clothing too. Make things enchanted, or not. To be able to name the things we create. I know i would like to make a bad ass set of armour, from something like Assassins creed 2. A Sick sword like in Eldest. and a powerful ring from lord of the rings. and more.

Anything else you all would like to add see or not see?

User Info: Glich23

6 years ago#2

to add on for the armor, things from dragons, even if it takes all game to create the armor from gathering things. or if its part of the main quest line to creat a certain type of sword/axe/ enchanted arrows if you will

User Info: Glich23

6 years ago#3

I cant beleive iforgot this. But i would also like that you would able to buy land, and build up it. like a villa or something, or reserect destroyed land. i would even like to be king, but i know that will never happen

User Info: spicy_badger

6 years ago#4
u can already name stuff u create
and that is all i shall contribute
YAY--ZIP NOTICED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: Steinhandt

6 years ago#5
well i do hope that they are able to allow you to completely custom forge your weapons who knows maybe even your own arrows to
hopefully they dont just add blueprints and allow you to merely just tack on a couple of runes
im hoping for clawing the ore yourself from the very bowels of the world melting it down and tempering it into a custom weapon of your own design all the way down to the edge of this weapon

User Info: Glich23

6 years ago#6
that would suck, but yeah forming the shape and handle

User Info: Glich23

6 years ago#7
but how much can you create?

User Info: Megaguts

6 years ago#8

From: Glich23 | Posted: 1/17/2011 12:13:19 AM | #007
but how much can you create?

Let me just dust off my time machine...
GT: ConfederateRokr

User Info: FighterOfFire

6 years ago#9

From: Megaguts | #008
Let me just dust off my time machine...

Be careful I hear that time-dust can give you a nasty case of spacecontiuumothermia.
... And that's how I went from 450 karma to 377 karma in 2 hours.

User Info: Fyreboi

6 years ago#10
A Sick sword from Eldest?

You mean like Eragon? because he had the Red sword since the first book and he didnt get a new Blue one until the third book
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  3. I'm sure this will be a heated subject.

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