I'm sure this will be a heated subject.

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  3. I'm sure this will be a heated subject.

User Info: tikihiki

6 years ago#11
Relationships - Hmm, I do think the disposition system should be reworked, so that it is based on actions, not a minigame (example, doing something notable in the characters town, or doing something for/against the character). Definitely don't do anything like the friendship stuff in GTA4.

Werewolves/Vampires - I wouldn't mind werewolves, the werewolves vs. vampires will call to mind twilight a little to much... maybe have one quest that pits characters of the races against each other as kind of a joke/reference.

Armor/Smithing/Tailoring - I'm fine with some of that, but they need to make it where the best weapons are the unique ones found in the game...being able to craft great weapons takes away from the excitement of finding new ones.

Land/Villa - I like this idea, maybe just have a huge town sized plot of land somewhere where you can create your own town over the course of the game, invite people to live there, and have some side quests that involve upkeep of the town. There should be alot of freedom involving placement of architecture and whatnot.

User Info: RevenantRemnant

6 years ago#12

I would like to be able to customize my character's body throughout the game [like Fable for example], cause eventually I would like to change how my character's face or hair will look, maybe not allow to completely change how he/she looks but be able to change things at any time or go somewhere to customize.

I would also like more clothing options, more/better armour and regular clothing, have different colors of the same clothes, add things on top of clothes, like a cape for example.

And last I would say more unique looking weapons, different shapes and sizes, designs and things like that, just have some really nice weapons that haven't been seen in the series.

User Info: Glich23

6 years ago#13
i ment the third one. I forgot its name at the time, but Brisingr

User Info: GrimHero

6 years ago#14
"Amour (in general): Pauldrons gloves, vampraces, greeves, boots, cuirass, helmet. I think things should be more customablizable (sp). They should bring back armour from morrowind and keep the oblivion armour. We should be able to have our clothing on , then stack armour on top of that. and if we want, put a rob on over all of this"

I like the robe idea, especially if I can get a big fur robe/cape/coat type thing to go over my armor. Much like the Romulus armor set in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood:


I liked the fur, just didn't think it fit in that game. It would definitely fit in this though.

GT: huzzaa v1
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User Info: Glich23

6 years ago#15
indeed, it seemed to bulky for an assassin to have, but in this game? to show off the animal you killed
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  3. I'm sure this will be a heated subject.

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