Ensiferum would make an awesome soundtrack for this game.

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  3. Ensiferum would make an awesome soundtrack for this game.

User Info: th3warr1or

6 years ago#1
I was just listening to Lai Lai Hei and Victory Song, and I could totally imagine the slower parts for this game.
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User Info: 666Mayhem999

6 years ago#2
Oh man, that would be epic

User Info: FighterOfFire

6 years ago#3
Pomplamoose would make a better one.
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User Info: FunleashTheUry

6 years ago#4
Eluveitie tbh

I've never really listened to Ensiferum though.
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User Info: SteelFighter

6 years ago#5
no offense to your musical choices because I've never heard of them, but am I the only one looking at this topic saying to himself "what in oblivion?"
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User Info: D00MHunter

6 years ago#6
Yes they would. So epic.
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User Info: Hatreds_Wrath

6 years ago#7
Their music definately fits the tone of this game. Whenever I get bored of the game music, will definately look forward to playing this in the background! Maybe even some Finntroll.
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User Info: Squall954

6 years ago#8
Yeah, I would definitely take Eluveitie over Ensiferum, but either would be amazing.
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User Info: condw93

6 years ago#9

I was thinking the exact same thing earlier!
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User Info: 1337StyLux

6 years ago#10
Oh my, I'm simply amazed that people out here like finnish metal. Yup, that's right, I'm from Finland lol. Could do with some Amon Amarth too.
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. Ensiferum would make an awesome soundtrack for this game.

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