Katanas confirmed

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User Info: AgentFreaks

6 years ago#1

why? they were in oblivion also by those cloud guards in the snowy town.

User Info: AlleRacing

6 years ago#2
Yes, but in Oblivion they were only Akiviri katanas, in Morrowind the were.. well, there were only Daedric and Steel katanas... but they were definitely better than Akiviri katanas.

User Info: JosephDMcDaniel

6 years ago#3
I want my Dai Katanas back.
Estelle: They're... bouncing... Judith: What are you looking at?
Estelle: I wish I could bounce...

User Info: SandalFury

6 years ago#4
How is this even a big deal?
"It's snowy cuz it's the mountains, which are always snowy unless volcano"

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