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User Info: jemoore9

6 years ago#1
They seem like they should be like 9ft but they're the same size as a normal human's.

Anyone think they should be taller?

User Info: Breaking_Oath

6 years ago#2
They might be 9 ft but every Nord seems to be drunk, sprawled out, and puking on the ground so it's kind of hard to get accurate measurements.....
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User Info: JohnRyan1228

6 years ago#3
yeah and they probably will be in this game, somewhere btwn imperial and orc
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User Info: jemoore9

6 years ago#4
Aren't the Nords from Skyrim?

The name for the race makes me think viking and that's sorta why I think they should be tall...


6 years ago#5
I just assumed all of the people shown in the GI article WERE nords....

The guy just looked waaaaay too beefy to be an Imperial or Breton.

User Info: Kliamgroq

6 years ago#6
nords are as tall as orcs and. redguard are as tall as argonians, slightly taller than imperials. imperials are regular heights, high elves are taller than orcs, and everyone else is the same height except for wood elves.

that was males.

this page gives in-depth race characteristics.
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User Info: GameGuy_5318

6 years ago#7
huh, didn't know race affected disposition. lol at redguards distrusted by Bretons and Imperials. It seems dark and high elves have some hate going for them. Orcs are the only ones who don't discriminate
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