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User Info: Ki_cat_

6 years ago#1

**Please, do NOT add to the plot for newcomers and vets who wish the story to be a surprise**

Release Date
November 11th, 2011.

Number of players: 1. Yes. 1. It will always be 1. That is all.

Your main character plays the role of the last Dragonborne. The setting is Skyrim, 2 centuries later from the events of Oblivion. Your mentor in the game is one, if not the last remaining members of the Blades, he is voiced by Max Von Sydow, who is also the narrator of the teaser.

-GASP- We start in a prison again :p.


- The game takes place primarily in Skyrim which is in the north of Tamriel, it is not known if we will be able to go to other regions.
- Skyrim contains more than just snow, as seen in screenshots, there are rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests, etc.
- The game is set 200 years after the events of Oblivion.
- There are going to be five 'massive' cities in the game world.
- Dungeons are said to be a lot more unique in Skyrim, should be less repetitive.

Attributes and Leveling

- 18 Skills in total.
- New skill 'Enchantment'
-New skill "Smithing"
- There is no level cap, however after reaching level 50, it will take a lot longer to gain experience.
- At each level, you get a health upgrade and you can then select if you want to upgrade your Stamina or your Magicka.
- You select perks when you level, just like in Fallout 3/New Vegas, however it is not known how frequent these perks will be able to be selected, or how many there will be.
-Dragon Shouts can be found throughout the world.

Creatures and NPCs ~

- Known returning creatures are skeletons, zombies, wolves, horses and elk.
- Confirmed new creatures are giant spiders, mountain and frost giants, dragons, mammoths and sabretoothed tigers.
- NPC face and body models have been significantly approved.
- NPCs are now more dynamic, and will interact with you more.
-Creatures/weapons do NOT scale with you. It's closer to FO3.

Combat ~

- Confirmed weapons are maces, axes, long swords, daggers, bow & arrow.
- There are 85 spells in the game.
- The 'Mysticysm' school of magic has been removed, it's spells have been dispersed to other schools.
- You can perform finishing moves which are unique to the weapon you are using and the creature you are fighting.
- You can dual wield weapons with many different combinations, including left hand spell, right hand weapon.
- You can fight using the shield, however it isn't known to which degree.
- Bethesda has put a lot of time into making the weapons feel real.
- Bow & Arrow is said to 'dominate' the long-distance combat, and are now slower to use, but more powerful.
- They've tried to kill off 'cheap' combat tactics such as backpedaling, when walking backwards you're not fast enough to keep your distance from your opponent and at the same time attack him.
--Customizable menu allows on-the-fly weapon/spell/item usage.
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User Info: Ki_cat_

6 years ago#2

- You can now sprint, at the cost of fatigue.
- You can now edit body features.
- Bethesda has hired a lot more voice actors this time to keep the dialogue fresh.
- Each race is going to look more distinct.
- Faces are now more emotive and are more distinguishable.
- There are now more activities to do in the cities, for example smithing, woodcutting and even cooking.
- When engaging in conversation, you no longer zoom in on the character you talk to, nor does it freeze time.
- The NPC's are much more dynamic, for example, if you drop a weapon inside a city, a young boy may pick it up, run after you, and ask if you dropped it.
Another example of the same event is two men find the weapon and then fight over who gets to keep it.
- The Oblivion styled enemy leveling & loot leveling is out, the one in Skyrim is more in the style of Fallout 3, which in turn is more in the style of Morrowind.
- Fast Travel is still in the game.
- 3rd person view has been improved.

- The new Radiant Story feature will tailor the sidequests found in the world to your playing style.
-The new Radiant Story feature will tailor the sidequests found in the world to your playing style.
- There are kids in the game.
- You can choose to play without the HUD.
-With the new engine, water looks better, trees look better and snow falls dynamically rather than just being a texture on the ground.
- Draw distance greatly increased.
-10 playable races again.

Interesting links
-Another new concept art/screenshot:

Keep recent info here for new users/newcomers and oldies.
Add to the topic and credit goes to you, along with the topics I copy/paste from (I.e Rivve's topic :p). I will make a V.1.2 (My 1.0 got deleted due to scans in it).

Take some "info" with a grain of salt. Like the whole "drop your weapon in the city" scenario might not even work out.

Please, NO rumors. I'm just trying to gather information for everyone. I take no credit for the info, I'm simply organizing it. The other great topic derailed greatly :p.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: Ki_cat_

6 years ago#3
hakitaki translated an interview with Todd Howard, so credit goes to him for this as well!
Here's what it said.

- Can you use magic when you're in stealth mode?
Everything can be used when you're in stealth mode, but some skills are way more effective. The damage multipliers return, some of them are pretty good as well, like daggers. If you manage to attack an enemy with a pair of daggers when you're unseen, you'll get an extreme damage multiplier, along with some special animation we created.

- What are the main points of corcern, graphically?
Loading new surroundings and keeping the graphics between the 360, PS3 and PC around the same level. All three of them will look the same, not mentioning the higher resolution and anti-aliasing on the PC version. A main point of concern was to change the animations and faces from Oblivion.
Obviously, we started playing Oblivion again as research. The world still looks fine, but the face animations aren't up to standards anymore. Not counting the file extensions, the entire engine has been rewritten, and we now use Havok as our physics engine. We also removed the speedtree technique, which allowed us to create trees and bushes extremely fast. Every tree has been created separately by our artists. ALongside that, we also have fully dynamic lighting and every object gets rendered.

- Are there any plans to do something with Kinect?
We did get the dev kit, and we initially wanted to use Kinect for Skyrim, until we heard how much storage room it uses. So, we left it in the box, untouched.

- Can you combine different types of magic?
Not yet. It's pretty difficult, but we're considering it. The elements in this game play a bigger role now. For example, Frost-based magic will drain your enemies' stamina, making him much slower. Fire magic will do damage over time, and also stays on the ground for an area of effect attack. If we start combining fire in one hand, and frost in the other, things will get complicated. Maybe we'll try our hand at it, but for now, no.

- Fallout had a lot of DLC. Do you have the same plans for Skyrim?
The tempo in which we releases Fallout DLC was too high. We'd rather keep the expectation low this time, especially since we're still working on the game itself. We really want to see a lot of user created contect again. All the tools will be available and free. Of course we want to have the same user created contect on the consoles, but that's very difficult, and much easier to do on the PC. Some of the mods for Oblivion were really good, and some of them weren't even that complicated. One mod changed the physics on bows. You were shooting arrows a lot slower and had to stand completely still, which also meant your shots had much more impact. That felt so good that the bow in Skyrim acts exactly like that.

- Did you guys, because of the success of Oblivion, make Skyrim more casual-friendly?
Not really. You won't need to know every layer of gameplay elements to enjoy Skyrim, and you'll discover a lot about the game along the way. We just assume you're going to use every available skill more and more, because it feels so good. You can be good at every different playstyle, from melee to archery and magic.

- Don't you guys hate it that you can't really enjoy your own game?
Yeah, we do. Normally we wait a few months until we start playing the game, which makes it a bit more fun.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: Ki_cat_

6 years ago#4
Some more info, some old, some new, translated by hakitaki from dutch to English.

- Quests:
The Radiant System continually gives you new quests and characters that change depending on your actions. Every character has a role and there will be conditions given to every situation. You can drop your sword, while another character may pick it up for you if he likes you. If you find a character that doesn't like you, he might run off with the sword or even fight you with it. Of course, some quests are scripted, but most of the experience is built zround your character.

- Skills/perks:
You're defenitely not stuck to playing one playstyle in Skyrim. However, you will benefit from using specific skills tailored around a playstyle, and you're able to make these skills stronger with the help of perks. There are 18 skills, and there 12 perks associated to these skills. Skills become stronger as you use them more, and you'll unlock different perks by leveling up. While there's no level cap, you'll never be able to open up all perks on one character.

- Interface:
Every object in your inventory an be seen as an 3D object. This includes big items like armor, but items like rings and herbs can be examined as well. In fact, you'll sometimes need to examine your items to uncover the clue to a puzzle. Books an also be read in 3D.

The interface of the skills also drastically changed. Every skill is associated with a star sign. These, in turn, make up three big nebulas, which represent the thief, mage and warrior. The closer a starsign is to a certain nebula, the more the skill is associated with the playstyle. The starsigns are built out of stars, each star representing a perk.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: TheKyubi

6 years ago#5
Sticky requested.

And I cannot wait to hear more info and gameplay :D
This game will be my most hyped game for this year. PSN: TzEx0dus

User Info: jjgIII

6 years ago#6
STICKY!!! Btw, good job putting all that together. Can't wait to hear more.
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User Info: Ki_cat_

6 years ago#7
Thanks for stickies...I will recap once this topic grows past like 200 with lots of info.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: Ph0enix14

6 years ago#8
huh...there's kids now guess that makes the game more realistic

User Info: rivve_

6 years ago#9
@jjgIII, actually, he just copied and pasted everything I wrote in my thread without saying anything. ^-^
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6 years ago#10
sticky please

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