Hey, what if we had molotov cocktails?

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  3. Hey, what if we had molotov cocktails?

User Info: Feartheliving

6 years ago#21
Not like we haven't see stuff like this in Fantasy games before Dragon Age has Fire Bombs which is pretty much a Molotov Cocktail.

EDIT - NVM was already pointed out
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User Info: GrandmastaG

6 years ago#22
How about we call it Dragonfire?

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User Info: Evan_Arrrr

6 years ago#23
If we had fire enchanted arrows in Oblivion, I don't see why we can't have something similar to a Molotov cocktail here... except don't call them Molotov cocktails, since that is a real life, named-after-a-specific-thing thing.

And don't call it Greek Fire, like someone else said, either, as again, that is a real life, named-after-a-specific-thing thing. GREECE DOES NOT EXIST IN TAMRIEL.
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User Info: Poundx2

6 years ago#24

BiggyShackleton posted...
Yes it would be cool to put it in but only it's called Greek Fire.
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^This. Greek fire was used in the cla ss ical period (no one today even knows how they made it), which predates the dark and middle ages. Rather than a typical molotov (glass bottle with a strip of cloth)you could have the same effect but from a mixture containedin little clay pots.

User Info: blutoblutarskyX

6 years ago#25
whether its based on a molitov cocktail or greek fire,

i think the intent is to have some "non magical" flammable object that can be lobbed at enemies and watch them catch fire and do an impersonation of michael jackson during the famous pepsi commercial.

hillarity would then ensue and be shared by magic users and non magic users alike.

User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

6 years ago#26
Personally, I think the problem with TC's idea is that he called it a Molotov Cocktail. If he stated it as "what if we were able to make potions that were directly offensive, instead of just poisoning our short range melee weapons we throw bottles that bring about different effects that can overcome spell resistences and Reflect" I think you people would be a little more open to the idea.

How about this as another idea: instead of one-shot poisons that do damage over time, the poison on your weapons act like substitutes for enchantments, and instead of the Time element being how long it affects the enemy for, it indicates how long the poison will stay on your blade. For balance, you can't buy these kinds of things in the store, and they typically aren't as powerful as normal enchantments, but it's an alternative to having every character try to get high skill in enchantment (yes, it's confirmed in one of the GI pictures that Enchantment returns as a skill)
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User Info: lolHades

6 years ago#27
Okay, but we have to call them "Skooma bombs"
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