About the conversation system....

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User Info: MorbidFaithless

6 years ago#11

From: agentspoon
Assassins Creed 1 allowed you to walk around while conversing.

As does Two Worlds 2

And you choose dialogue options at the same time?

User Info: nahzoo

6 years ago#12
I remember reading that there will dialog initiated before combat sometimes, or something to that note anyway. maybe that means that NPC's can shout at you instead of running super fast up to you and getting all up in your face. Like maybe a bandit will yell at you to drop you weapon or to come over slowly and give him all you money.

User Info: Sa1nt_401

6 years ago#13
LOL......Talking to an NPC and them just falling off a cliff made me laugh...LOUD and i dont know why.

ME: "Hey where is that Orc cave?"

NPC: "Its a ways from here."

ME; "Thats fine"

NPC: "Good, cuz your'll need your streeeeeeeeeeeeeee......... THUD!"

LOads last save. I must have saved 700 times or more in Obnlivion.
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User Info: Violent_Seafood

6 years ago#14

What was really annoying is when you're crouched, fully invisible, and some stupid NPC with something terribly important to say runs up to you to deliver their snide remarks. Even worse, since once the conversation is over, they're still wondering were exactly you are...

User Info: FreedanEternal

6 years ago#15

I also liked that the day time wouldn't keep going because one in depth conversation with a character would take about half a day then.

There was an in depth conversation in Oblivion? *turns around suddenly* Where?!
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User Info: Jeremyspokein

6 years ago#16

From: | #015
There was an in depth conversation in Oblivion? *turns around suddenly* Where?!

maybe not in-depth, but the process can be. you talk to someone for a while, read whatever they will tell you, then persuade them for a little while. then go back and listen to what they wouldn't tell you before.

if time didn't stop, that whole process would eat a big chunk out of an in-game day.

User Info: BiscuitBoyIV

6 years ago#17
@saint: Only 700 times? I have over 4000 saves on my hard drive for Oblivion... *waits for over 9000 joke*
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User Info: DoubleOhBehave

6 years ago#18
i have a feeling its going to be like Heavy Rain, where the options appear as your approach a NPC and the options are each tied to a button. And its been said that non quest NPCs aren't going to be able to conversed with so there wont be that much of problem.
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