Faction Houses should return!

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User Info: BigBoss2021

6 years ago#1
By houses i mean like Morrowind's Telvanni, Redoran, and Hlaalu. Those were soooo awesome. I loved ranking up in the houses. Especially once you get to build your own little outpost. Also, they could do a lot with those now. Like, have missions to go get an item that other house members are after as well, pitting you against them. Also, your little outpost could be attacked by opposing house members every now and again, and you'd have to defend it, and counter attack or whatever. Stuff like that just sounds so amazing.

User Info: TheeKingOsiris

6 years ago#2
With a civil war about to go off too. Yeah noble factions would be great. I'd love to have to take out rival factions by wacking key people in their house..
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User Info: tenderIoin

6 years ago#3
Well I don't remember reading anything about Nords having political houses like that, but I suppose its possible.
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User Info: th3warr1or

6 years ago#4
Nords might have like... different "Chieftains."
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User Info: TheeKingOsiris

6 years ago#5
Calling out different thanes to fight in a arena type setting would be cool. Like if you wanted his job, you had to challenge him and best him in a duel.
"Kill yourself, save the world."

User Info: VasDeferens

6 years ago#6
Strongholds too ! Yes, Oblivion had some houses, but I liked the way the MW houses grew from being a patch on the ground and had different development stages.
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User Info: ultimagameboy

6 years ago#7
Great Nordic tribes (basically Houses) sound like a very good thing, several different ones all with different morals, beliefs, opinions/positions on the civil war etc . . . and you would have the ability to either make or break them . . . mwuhahahahahaha!
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  3. Faction Houses should return!

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