"Enemies wont immediately attack you"

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User Info: QuikSilver989

6 years ago#1
I remember that quote from the GI article and when i read it, i was relieved. I like the "wild west" feeling it adds to a game (like New Vegas or the new Bioshock (Infinite?)) Wher you dont kno if the group around you are friendly or not or may turn hostile at the wrong thing.
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User Info: TheBonsaiSlaya

6 years ago#2
Archer standoff
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User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#3
It was mentioned recently in reference to encountering a Giant walking along a road.

It's a bit more realistic. Animals in the wild don't enter 'Fight or Flight' mode every time a human comes within 100 feet.
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User Info: FBlade24

6 years ago#4
Animals in the wild don't enter 'Fight or Flight' mode every time a human comes within 100 feet.

great maybe I can make it to the master archery trainer without her getting eaten this time around.
- Da Blade

User Info: nahzoo

6 years ago#5
I can imagine going up to a group of seals or walruses and them being all like "chill bro" but then I go up to their babies and they're all like "ARFARFGLUBFARFBLUB!!!1!!!" and then I'm all like "Duel wielding clubs and slow time Dragon Shout!" and I go sell their meat for a sweet hat with -100 disposition from PETA members.

User Info: niio

6 years ago#6
So now I can hunt deer without them going ape**** when they become visible? Or hunt wolves without them going ape**** on me? Sweet...
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User Info: VicViperMkIII

6 years ago#7
i would love realistic wild life.
deer should run away, wolfs should only attack in groups.
bears would only become hostile if u get too close.. etc etc.
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User Info: Sa1nt_401

6 years ago#8
i like that concept...Especially if its something you know your not gonna beat....You can now just leisurely stroll by whistling.
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User Info: blutoblutarskyX

6 years ago#9
i think thats cool,

that they follow thier own "agendas" and if you get in the way they become hostile.

since they have "eating times" maybe a bear that doesn't eat in a few days would become more aggressive than one that just ate but you get too close to.

or a lone wolf wouldn't attack you, unless it hasn't eaten.

or an ogre just wounded from its recent battle with rosie o donnel would run from you.

it would be awesome if they could break it down to the enemies' motivations as well.

User Info: themagicpainman

6 years ago#10
Sabretoothed tigers actually sneak up and ambush you.

Bears don't chase you for very long so as not to waste precious energy.

Wolves rarely attack when alone, and are more shy. But in groups they act very organized and stealthy, also ambushing you.

I know not all of this will be in, but it'd be nice to see.
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