Well this is great news!

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User Info: Twinmold

6 years ago#11
I want more guys working on more dungeons. 8 guys on 100 dungeons isn't enough. Give me 20 guys working on 400 dungeons!

I want a million people working on a gazillionbillionmillionthousand dungeons!!!!!!!! That would be super duper awesome!
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User Info: scorpeus

6 years ago#12
That forum has a couple of downers: No spell making, no birthsign (although this one is revisited down the screen). Though they do have some good intel.

Water physics
Yeti's "confirmed"
Houses to buy (hopefully more than Oblivion I hope)

and more. I already forgot
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User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

6 years ago#13
As for the lack of spell making, I think it could be a good thing if your spells themselves level up with your skill ranks. Hopefully it doesn't take 10+ hours to level destruction up once after you reach rank 50.
On "Why are you imprisoned at the beginning of TESV: Skyrim?"
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User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#14
The previous system of having to have create/buy multiple new spells every few levels to keep up the damage wasn't great. It would be good if spells levelled up with you. They would instead have proportional damage, like slider bars, balancing power, area, touch/range, and while they become more powerful as your skill increases, the proportions remained the same.

i.e. create a fireball spell with the power bar set to 2/3 and the area bar to 1/3, and set to Target (ie not touch), and it would cost a certain amount of mana.

Now let's say at Destruction 20, it costs 20 mana to cast, affects a 5 foot radius, and has 20 power.

At Destruction 50, this spell would cost 50 mana, affects a 12.5 foot radius, and has 50 power.

In this way, spells level up with you, while retaining their relative uses.

However, until we know what's the case, this is just speculation.
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  3. Well this is great news!

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