Vampires and Werewolves in Skyrim

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User Info: thanoswizard

6 years ago#1
Just sitting at work counting the days to Nov. 11th and I thought of something. Since Morrowind had werewolves and Oblivion had vampires, then in Skyrim they should go to war with each other. I'm not talking about some lame twilight war where one from each side loves the same woman, I'm talking about a full-on genocide war where each side is trying to obliterate the other. If its not part of the game then maybe it could be DLC.
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User Info: kingcodebra

6 years ago#2
Sounds like a GTA:SA code...

I, personally, will pass.

User Info: themagicpainman

6 years ago#3
That'd be a cool DLC, definitely. Not part of the main game though.
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User Info: EmoMudcrab

6 years ago#4

Or you could have a much better game and just hunt down the other side in a role play sort of genocide....

User Info: metalicelvis

6 years ago#5

It would be nice if they were both like a guild, but a secret guild like the dark brotherhood. You choose your side andyou let them turn you to which ever sideand complete quests like the oblivion guild quests were you try to take eachother out. That'd be awesome.

User Info: scorpeus

6 years ago#6
They had vampires in Morrowind to (plus the werewolves in Solstheim / Bloodmoon expansion). As I recall, Morrowind also had three differenct vampire guilds too.

The vampire v. werewolf war idea has been used and abused for a while, and if Bethesda really wants something of the, I'm sure they of all people could figure something a lot more original out.

I would really like to see vampires and werewolves both in Skyrim, but I think that the "war" should be set aside for the awesomeness of the upcoming dragons. That's where the game really is.
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User Info: Seekcro2010

6 years ago#7
My pants are awesome!
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User Info: bz456

6 years ago#8
the first statement is a logical fallacy! just because morrowind:bloodmoon had both and oblivion had vampires, it doesn't necessarily follow that the new game will have either. Hasty Generalization fallacy i think.

on a realistic note... i seriously want werewolves back.
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User Info: rckgamerz

6 years ago#9
How about the werewolves and vampires work together, and they try to hide from everyone else?
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User Info: bradleger

6 years ago#10
I want to be a werepire...end of argument
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