quick question, will Morrowind work on 360?

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  3. quick question, will Morrowind work on 360?

User Info: JohnRyan1228

6 years ago#21
yeah it works but like i said on many topics b4 you are much better off on pc
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User Info: Izick_the_Spy

6 years ago#22
The GOTY edition DOES work.

I am playing it right now ;P

User Info: Tman144

6 years ago#23
It only kinda works for me. The saves look screwy, and it plays kinda slow. Just play it on PC, my computer is terrible and can't play civ 5 or any total war past Rome, but morrowind plays like a dream.
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User Info: ronnet

6 years ago#24

Morrowind on the original Xbox doesn't run as smooth as it does in a good PC (and by today's standard most PC are great to play Morrowind). The 360 emulates the Xbox and as far as that goes it does a good job at being just as slow as it was on the original.

But Morrowind on the Xbox was my first game-love and although I would now recommend getting the PC version + Graphic Extender it is better then no Morrowind at all.

P.S. has anyone played Jade Empire or Fable on the 360? Both games look much better then on the original Xbox. Especially Fable which is much sharper and more clear on the 360. In fact it looks much better then Fable II and III.

User Info: DevouredSaviour

6 years ago#25
I'm also playing the GOTY edition as I type this.

Main menu and loading screens are SLOW (for me), but entering/exiting buildings doesn't seem too different than running on the original Xbox. I haven't updated my 360 at all, so maybe that will help.
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  3. quick question, will Morrowind work on 360?

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