Morrowind still worth buying?

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User Info: Sharjar95

6 years ago#1

I am terribly bored waiting for skyrim. I was wondering if this game is too outdated to have fun with, I can buy it on steam for 20$ so I'm just wondering if it's worth it. I have already played through most of oblivion, not to mention fallout 3, new vegas, and even dragon age origins and loved those games.

User Info: kingcodebra

6 years ago#2
If it was $10, maybe. ~ by masterpug53

User Info: Strife388

6 years ago#3
20 is a little much for how much you can get it elsewhere, I'd look online you can probably find it new for 10 dollars retail.
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User Info: SSulivan11

6 years ago#4
It's worth getting though I agree it's kinda pricey at 20.

If you never played it, I reccomend using the UESP guide for getting used to Morrowind after Oblivion. It's a much different and less forgiving game. It's pretty outdated but the nostaglia in me always finds it entertaining when I go back to it, though I've done about every quest two or three times already.
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User Info: AgentFreaks

6 years ago#5

morrowind has terrible controls, dont waste your money unless you enjoy static slashes that resemble somthing from n64 zelda slashers.

User Info: Sharjar95

6 years ago#6

Alright I can probably get it for 10$ or less online or at a local store. So my other question is: Is it still fun compared to some modern RPGs?

User Info: mcg20k

6 years ago#7
I love it still. Its an actual RPG instead of an action RPG like every modern RPG has been.
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User Info: Iam_TylerDurden

6 years ago#8
If only you could get it free somewhere...

Although i'm sure thats immoral and you would never think of doing such.

User Info: Lyricalias

6 years ago#9
Morrowind is always worth buying.

compared to some modern RPGs?

That depends. Have you only ever played modern RPGs? Morrowind utilizes what modern RPGs don't - depth. It's also a whole lot more difficult, as the game doesn't hold your hand like you might have seen in Oblivion.

If you can dig the more oldschool gameplay than you'll love it, I'm sure. - Metal Gear Solid Parody in LBP2
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User Info: kingcodebra

6 years ago#10
It's more RPG-ish than other RPGs. If you are more like a "hardcore" RPG player you will like it. Generally, people complain it's too difficult but they probably aren't used to using their brains and accepting a challenge of any kind. ~ by masterpug53
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