Character Customization options?

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User Info: TheHunter56

6 years ago#1
Has there been any information about how the character customization works in Skyrim? Will it be numerical sliders just like in Oblivion where you change each feature by a small amount at a time or will it have a set list of specific options to choose from? I don't know about you but I got fed up many times playing Oblivion trying to get my character just right.
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User Info: GameGuy_5318

6 years ago#2
I believe you can mess with body shape and have beards, not sure if sliders or what
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User Info: valium88

6 years ago#3

According to the todd it is gonna be greatly improved.

User Info: SSulivan11

6 years ago#4
Apparently it's going to be more like making Shepard in Mass Effect.

Rather than having a million slider options, you'll be able to choose "Nose" rather than "Nose Bridge" and "Nostrils" etc, and have 10 options for nose. You'll have plenty of options and everything will lose "nice" according to Todd Howard, so you can make your character unique looking how you want without spending 5 hours trying to make something that looks a little bit like a face.
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User Info: TheHunter56

6 years ago#5
Thats awesome, exactly what I had hoped to hear. I hated having 412 sliders just for my face in Oblivion, not to mention skin color and everything else. I enjoy creating my character and making him/her look just the way I want but not that much.
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User Info: swordoflight86

6 years ago#6
So I can't have blue hair anymore?
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User Info: Cliffy_T

6 years ago#7
I'm glad they are improving the character creation. I love deep creation. I was in heaven with Oblivion. but I agree it was a little nuts at times. What I think they should do is have various selections for each part for you to choose then the ability to go in and edit with sliders if you want. Make things simple for those who don't wanna spend hours creating but depth for those that want it. Also glad they are bringing in beards. The facial hair system in Oblivion sucked. I hope this one is more like Fallout. Although I think a good idea would be to have beards and mustaches as a separate options. Also they should add piercings and makeup/face paint. Imagine playing some gothic looking Dark Elf whose all pierced up and wearing black make up. Or a big Orc or Nord barbarian sporting war paint. Or a beautiful, female High Elf mage with colorful and classy make up and jeweled earrings. The more options and customization the better in my opinion.
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