Has anyone read The Infernal City novel ?

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  3. Has anyone read The Infernal City novel ?

User Info: eggy32

6 years ago#11
Yes I've read it. If it's canon then ES V should be very interesting. The mages guild has split up into 2 parts. The Hall of Whispers and some other thing.

Other significant events here: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Fourth_Era#4E_40
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User Info: wesker741

6 years ago#12

Yeah, i've read it. It explains how the empire has basically collapsed because many of the nations pulled out of it, there is however a new emperor. Also, since Vivec for some reason mysteriously disappeared, the Hall of Ministry crashed into the city of Vivec, killing everyone which gave the Argonians the chance to retaliate for all the slavery, and they drove the Dunmer completely out of Morrowind, the ones left alive fled to Solstheim and perhaps Skyrim.

So unless they moved back to Morrowind, there will probably be a lot of Dunmer in this game

User Info: condw93

6 years ago#13
How did you get the whole book to show up?
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  3. Has anyone read The Infernal City novel ?

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