Skyrim's Theme Song

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User Info: Reiko00

6 years ago#1
Does anyone else want to finally hear the entire theme from the beginning to end? I've only heard the theme from the 2 trailors that have been released so far and I really wish they would release the full theme song already.
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User Info: dareme

6 years ago#2
Yes but its not really at the top of my list. I would rather see more gameplay.
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User Info: SooperUnknown

6 years ago#3
Isn't called Sons Of Skyrim?
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User Info: HT89488

6 years ago#4

youtube has it plastered everywhere. I think the full version of the song. I don't have my speakers hooked up to my current computer otherwise I would listen.

User Info: rivve_

6 years ago#5

Sons of Skyrim, composed by Jeremy Soule.
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User Info: Reiko00

6 years ago#6
That isn't the full version, just a version that someone spliced together from both trailers. I want them to release the actual version of the theme.
"Guns? M'aiq has only heard of these things in fables, poorly written fables."

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