So, you are walking a winding mountain path...

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User Info: FighterOfFire

6 years ago#11
Not buy Skyrim because that cliff racer will inevitably drop a steaming pile of leveling ****.
... And that's how I went from 450 karma to 377 karma in 2 hours.

User Info: capnovan

6 years ago#12
FUS RO DAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..........splat.
You can take my karma, but you'll never take...MY FREEDOM!!!!!!
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User Info: Firestorm12

6 years ago#13
I place my trusted steel dagger between my teeth. I bite down hard in order to get a good grip on it. For what was about to happen next, I do not wish to lose it. I drop the iron shield and silver long sword I was carrying to the snow by my feet. I will not need them where I am I going. I look up and pray to my chosen God for protection, and forgiveness.

Then, I level my head, meeting the eyes of the cursed beast. Today, I end his tyranny. Today, I go into the annals of time. Today, I rise a legend.

I take off in a dead sprint towards the creature, which had been hovering away from the path above a sheer cliff face to the icy, unforgiving tundra below... It let out it deathly "SKREE" yet I do not hesitate nor pause. I have lain eyes upon my target, and it shall die today. At the edge of the path, I use a rock to launch myself at the dastardly creature. The moments I spend in midair, hundreds of feet above the ground, they each feel like an eternity. Yet I do not tear my gaze away from my chosen target.

Minutes seem to pass, yet it was only mere seconds. I crash into the beast, it letting out another foul "SKREE". That would be the last sound the creature ever makes. I take out the dagger from my teeth and swing around to the creatures back. My weight causing us both to descend rapidly to the tundra below. Once more, the beast opens it's foul maw to let another screech out, yet I deny it the right. I grab the dirty bastards jaw and clamp it shut with my free hand. With my other, I place the shining dagger at the creature's neck. I lean forward and whisper into what I would presume to be it's ear.

My deep and raspy voice pierces the snow filled wind. I am sure it shatters the creature's hope and resolve. I whisper, "Today, N'Wah, we both die. I'll see you in hell," and with my final words, I slit the creature's throat.

Almost instantly, the wings of the slain creature give away. We fall. We fall directly to the icy tundra below. I lose my dagger during the fall, though I would not need it anyway. I felt no fear, no apprehension, and no remorse. For I know I died serving the greater good. I have slain the blight upon these pristine mountains. I have killed the Cliff Racer.

Though, something strange then began to happen. The rushing air must have caused the wings of the beast to open up once more. I still clung to the corpse and I felt our speed decrease. The beast's wings and plumes were slowing my descent! Then we hit the ground. Roughly still, and I may have fractured a bone, but I was still alive! Today, my Saint Juib watched over me. Watched over me doing his work. He blessed me.

So I look to the mountain, where I was just recently. I hobble backwards in order get a better view. Then, upon a realization, I allowed myself a curse. "Well, Damn." I said...

I have to trek back up and gather my sword and shield!
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