How well did Oblivion sell?

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User Info: pro9b17

6 years ago#31
Hey guys did you know that well and sell rhyme? EXPLOSION!!! DANCE TIME
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User Info: goldenmouth

6 years ago#32
Not likely, I am agnostic :P

you label yourself? LOL!!!1!1

User Info: usmovers_02

6 years ago#33
The PC community STILL has the strongest mod community out there. On alone at LEAST 10 new mods launch a day and all of these mods (even the really small, useless ones) get quite a bit of downloads.

The top mod on just has nearly 100,000 downloads (all unique. 160K non-unique). This is also about the 4th or 5th time this mod has been updated, and downloads for the original versions don't count towards the latest version.

So if we take the worst case senerio (assuming is the only website and only counting the 100K unique downloads), if one out of ten players of the PC version downloaded the mod, that means there are at least 1,000,000. Copies out there.

So lets take a look what might be a more realistic case (or I could be completely wrong). Lets assume that there have been 3 versions of this mod and all got 100,000 downloads. Tesnexus is the most popular mod site but there are many others out there, so let's assume Tesnexus accounts for 2/3rds. That means the mod has been downloaded by 450,000 different users. If 1/10 people who have the game use this mod, then that means there are 4,500,000 PC copies out there.

Lets not give PC games the benefit of the doubt and assume that half of all PC gamers pirate software. You're still looking at 2,250,000 copies. Even if my #'s are so bad I'm off by 1,000,000 copies, that still means the PC version has sold well over 1,000,000 copies, putting the overall total across all platforms at a minimum 6,000,000.

Boarderlands and both the Two Worlds combined equal only just over half of what Oblivion has accomplished.
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User Info: Firestorm12

6 years ago#34

From: CitadelSecurity | #026

Well, there goes the rest of my night...
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