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User Info: journeyhaley

6 years ago#1
They should bring back slavery so I can buy a khajit and pet the fuzzy patch under his chin.

User Info: ObeseTortoise

6 years ago#2
Only if I can buy a redguard.


Don't forget, ES is Bethesda's baby and Fallout is the younger, red-headed step-child. -kingcodebra on FNV
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User Info: Aleph_X

6 years ago#3
Stop right there, criminal scum! Slavery is illegal in the Imperial Empire which includes the lands of Skyrim! Now pay a fine and that that filth back to Morrowind where such debauchery is tolerated.
Dying is such a waste of good health.

User Info: Myselfisyous

6 years ago#4
only if i can do them.
"Mars needs women, Angry, red women"
Rob Zombie
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User Info: journeyhaley

6 years ago#6
I knew that was coming.

You wouldn't want to buy a big fuzzy kitty?

User Info: rivve_

6 years ago#7
Buy? I'll charm M'aiq and he'll be in my log cabin up in the mountains, purring as he removes his clothes and...
Ah, sorry, thinking out loud.
I <3 M'aiq the Liar (and jr<3)

User Info: ZXR_ReignSlayer

6 years ago#8
Only if you could have children slaves. That way if I can't kill them I can at least beat them.
Some trolls can't be reasoned with by facts or logic. Some trolls just want to watch the boards burn
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User Info: EndlessKombat

6 years ago#9

Enlslaving was awesome in Fallout. (except you never see the slaves you bring in)

the use of slaves could be possible, forced followers or meat shields.

User Info: WeylandTheSmith

6 years ago#10
Hey, I think I'm gay.
Can I has Medic?!

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