Cooking Confirmed!

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User Info: FireFrenzy2112

6 years ago#1

Thank God. I was pondering about buying it or not, but now its a day 1 buy.
Go ahead moderators, delete this post.

User Info: VicViperMkIII

6 years ago#2
it shure is cold in here

User Info: monskey

6 years ago#3
But does that mean that we will get meat from any kind of creature we kill?

MMMmmm mammoth ribs...
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There is a 9/10 chance that this post speaks truth.

User Info: eston

6 years ago#4
They had it in New Vegas, so I guess it makes sense that Bethesda would adopt it for TES. In NV you could get health from both raw and cooked meats, but the raw meats had a penalty to your strength.

User Info: deathcoffee

6 years ago#5
This was confirmed a long time ago, like early Feb.:

12:55 Are you going to be able to craft spells, potions, and other items?

"We do have crafting within each discipline now. We do have smithing, enchanting is back as a skill, and then alchemy we're sort of treating as - it doesn't matter that much anymore (stealth/magic/combat categories) - but it's sort of in our stealth category now. We have a blended skill list, so alchemy is sort of the most magical of the stealth skills. And then we have lots of other things that are NOT skill based that you can craft, like cooking and things like that.

There is a lot of that, and more emphasis on it this time around."

And yes, there will be mammoth meat (trunk meat, delicious). I forget if this was from the art of skyrim video or the behind the scenes video:

User Info: lenmutt

6 years ago#6
I was so happy when I heard cooking was in no more raw meat for my Dark elf gal! : )

User Info: ScumGoat

6 years ago#7
Will you lean over the stove and burn your beard? if so it's a must buy for me...
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