How many times will you play through this?

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  3. How many times will you play through this?

User Info: rckgamerz

6 years ago#11
I FINALLY finished Morrowind yesterday, and I'm on Tribunal's last quest. After I finish Bloodmoon, I'll start a new Oblivion character and finish that.
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User Info: Dizzae

6 years ago#12
I'll probably play a thief type and finish the main story then multiple different roleplays. I'm thinking upwards of 20 times

User Info: AlbinoDunmer

6 years ago#13
Dual wielding longswords dark elf-main II
Confused turtle Nord with Reflect damege spell..jokes V
Pure Mage Redguard
Altmer Berserker
Argonian Priest type
Khajitt Crusader
Theif Imperial
Assassin Breton
Bosmer Knight
Orc Spy

Honestly prolly 3 times with months or years in between playthroughs. Gonna put at least 300+hours on first char though

User Info: quesoesbueno59

6 years ago#14
Five times through Oblivion (I plan on, at least), five times through this.

Classic swordsman
Pure Mage
Badass, duel wielding, fire slinging Spellsword
Battlemage, with ginormous blunt weapons
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User Info: HajimeNoIppo

6 years ago#15

User Info: Joe_Cobbs

6 years ago#16
As many times as I can until my dogs die of starvation, then maybe one more time.

User Info: Inxentas

6 years ago#17
Probably gonna make 3-5 characters, end up liking one of them the best, and finishing the game with that one. In Oblivion, I based my characters on the combination of guild quests I wanted them to tackle (with exception of the first character, who's intention is to determine that there ARE such things as guilds etc).

I'll probably start out with a rogue-like Elf character (bows, daggers) or a sturdy Orc warrior.
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User Info: PAL360

6 years ago#18

Probably just two like i did with Oblivion. Still each of them will probably last me about 400+ hours.

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  3. How many times will you play through this?

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