I hope this game has transportation like Morowind

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  3. I hope this game has transportation like Morowind

User Info: hippo_overlord

6 years ago#1
I liked how in Morowind you could ride the stilt striders and boats and teleports to get around. I think it would be cool if Skyrim brought back the boats and added in trains to get around the landscape. Horses were okay, but I liked how you could pay to transport instantly.


User Info: rivve_

6 years ago#2
The only form of transportation we know of at the moment is a carriage, I agree though. We need more forms of transportation, no silt striders though, they're just a bit too much and out of place in Skyrim.
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User Info: jminnix

6 years ago#3
Fast travel replaced it completely... but I agree. Half the stuff I discovered in Morrowind was because I HAD to trek to the nearest city to get on a stilt. It forces exploration, which is one of the best parts of the game.

Of course they should re-add Mark/Recall or some teleportation spell to counter the undoubtedly bad reviewers crying about HAVING to walk in order to fast travel.
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User Info: ronnet

6 years ago#4

First of all they could have ingame transportation and Oblivion'sfasttravel. The diffeence is that ingame transportation wouldn't allow you to go to every location ever visited but only travel between cities and villages. And even then you'd have to go from place A to point B and then to C instead of just selecting C from point A.

I'm also hoping that Bethesda adds a hardcore mode that won't just add the requirement for food, sleep, etc but also disables the fasttraveling to any location. Meaning that you'd have to use the ingame transportation to go from A to B to C. And then go into the wilds near village C to go to the cave where you have to be.

User Info: Sniper0061

6 years ago#5
Industry in TES is nowhere near achieving trains, and that would ruin the feel of it. Maybe land travel with Mammoths, sure, and boats, transportation and mark/recall spells would be incredible. But trains... no...
Also, in another topic didn't you tell everyone that you never really played Morrowind? Even called it Marowind xD
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User Info: AlbinoDunmer

6 years ago#6
if fast traveling is in it should only be to hubs like two worlds two kind of and no its not stealing it was implemented by many games before two worlds. This way u can get really close to your location but still gotta explore...Happy Medium?
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  3. I hope this game has transportation like Morowind

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