I hope the magic "Automatically know everyone's name or rank" is gone.

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  3. I hope the magic "Automatically know everyone's name or rank" is gone.

User Info: SlimeStack

6 years ago#11
This reminds me of Ultima IV. Name and job were conversation options with every NPC.
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User Info: LeoTheRover

6 years ago#12
Speaking of this, I hope the magical "Guard telepathy on who did what crime as soon as it happens with a witness" doesn't show up, but I have the sinking feeling it will.
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User Info: silverdraconum

6 years ago#13
At least people didn't know you were part of the Thieves Guild unless they were part of it too. Same with Dark Brotherhood. Would be kinda funny though if random NPC was like 'Oh hey there Mr. Listener...please don't kill me.'

User Info: eugene1222

6 years ago#14
Guys I think he meant you shouldnt know who the person YOU are talking to is, not the other way around.
"Why is it that we can remember the past, but not the future?"

User Info: jman427

6 years ago#15
Yeah I agree TC, actually did bother me a bit that I could see everyone's names even though I had no idea who they were and most of them never even introduced themselves, like they were all wearing nametags or something.

It's not as bad as the magic compass that knows were every quest item and location is and automagically marks it for me on my map and hud.

I don't mind that everyone knows my guy though, that's just natural because I'm so famous.

User Info: bretonftw

6 years ago#16
AlbinoDunmer posted...
I could understand if it was like the witcher kind of thing. Two longswords + facial scars + yellow eyes + white hair = Geralt of Rivia
But in skyrim? I dont see how the hell some random beggar all of a sudden knows me by 4 different titles..Divine Crusader, Hero of Kvatch, Champion of Cyrodiil, and Arena Grand Champion. How do they know its one person? How do they know its me? No one really knew who you were in Fallout and I kinda liked it that way. The whole Who the [censoring] are you routine, is better than omg omg its you, routine. Hoping people are [censoring] in skyrim. Unless you know them. Better not be burp burp fart joke chicken dance and everyone loves you kinda crap. If i see anything resembling fable hearts over NPCs heads in this game i will kill every NPC...twice!!

you're right about all npc's knowing you... HOW DO THEY ALL KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE??? there's no cameras to take pics of you, so it makes no sense.
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User Info: jman427

6 years ago#17
^because they've seen you running around like an idiot, helping people (or killing them) with that giant weapon on your back, face it, the PC stands out among all those brainless NPCs.
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  3. I hope the magic "Automatically know everyone's name or rank" is gone.

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