Your favorite quest in all the elder scrolls games?

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User Info: ALLENO31

6 years ago#31
the umbacano ones there that good i cant pick a certain bit of one
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User Info: charyptis

6 years ago#32
whodunnit..because it was based off of one of my favorite novels: ten little indians

User Info: Overworked

6 years ago#33
[This spoiler warning was brought to you by Carefree Auto Insurance: When you need help, we wont care.]

The Shivering Isle main quest puts a smile on my face. So much madness! ^___^

When some gamers lamented over the "boring" fantasy look of Oblivion, Bethesda really answered the call with Shivering Isle and got creative. They even sated the big-ass-mushroom-fetish that some acquired from playing Morrowind. The new landscapes are varied, colourful (when Jyggie isn't spoiling everything) and delightfully alien. Having the world visually divided was also a nice touch.

New weapons, new spells, lunatic NPCs, backwards politics, extreme shadow boxing, a new Daedra Prince and the chance to make your character god of the realm? So much awesome.
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User Info: Great_Pagliacci

6 years ago#34
VaultTecBoy1986 posted...
I have to agree with the final quest of the Thieves Guild and getting your hands on an Elder Scroll was pretty awesome.

For some reason, I also really enjoyed the one about the missing daughter who gets taken to Hackdirt. I can't remember the name of the quest but I recall you having to sleep in the same Inn that she does.

"A Shadow over Hackdirt"

This is also my favorite because it borrows heavily from the H.P. Lovecraft story "A Shadow over Innsmouth"
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User Info: Ajd_King

6 years ago#35
Aid for Bruma, obviously.
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User Info: FastEddie2121

6 years ago#36
Having sleep suddenly interrupted to be recruited by the Dark Bhood when I didn't even know there even was a Dark Bhood. One of my favorite moments was finding the grieving husband praying at his wife's grave deep in the forest. He asks me to get her ring from a cave or sumsuch. I already had the ring since I had cleared out that cave and but had forgotten that I had it in my inventory. The guy flipped out when I handed the trinket over right on the spot. He was shocked.

User Info: ZXR_ReignSlayer

6 years ago#37
Ajd_King posted...
Aid for Bruma, obviously.

Lol that quest might as well be called close 7 gates then close a bigger one and don't forget to laugh at Jauffre's corpse on the way out.

Best quest are Whodunit, Hunting the thieves in hrota cave cause it was some good ole bosmer killing fun, Hircine's hunt especially since the reward spear is SOOO totally worth it,
Assassinating adamus philida's naked ass with the rose of sithis, and last but not least. I really liked going to the blackwood company guild hall and all hell breaking lose.
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