What's the theme song for your Dragonborn?

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User Info: lonnieep

6 years ago#1
I'm still thinking about mine...
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User Info: stikz27

6 years ago#2
******** perfect by pink (serious face)
"it's only once we've lost everything, that we're free to do anything" ... Tyler Durden

User Info: LivingTroughIce

6 years ago#3
Kill Everbody - Skrillex and that is what i shall do
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User Info: bradleger

6 years ago#4
stikz27 posted...
******** perfect by pink (serious face)

164 days 'til 11/11/11
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User Info: R_a_t_h_a_l_o_s

6 years ago#5
I'm on a boat.....don't you ever forget.
Champion of the Heaters
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User Info: jackrg

6 years ago#6
Stuck in the middle with you by steeler's wheel .

User Info: Disruptive_01

6 years ago#7
Guile's Theme.
Maybe this world is another planet's hell.
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- Aldous Huxley

User Info: newNAPOLEAN

6 years ago#8

Dont Stop Believing by Journey

User Info: jackrg

6 years ago#9
Or, hero of the day by metallica

User Info: The_OnionKnight

6 years ago#10

Old classic:

"Lotion" by Greenskeepers

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  3. What's the theme song for your Dragonborn?

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