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User Info: Ajd_King

6 years ago#11
It seems this topic is now under the control of various animals. 0.0
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User Info: Python_2k9

6 years ago#12
Sorry, I don't like de-railing topics (well, genuine topics, anyway).

I still think this game is gonna be great though.
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User Info: Locke90

6 years ago#13
the reasons why they wont be included is because the majority of ideas are horrible like killing kids or whatnot besides if I recall correctly its not us making the game its bethesda and what we may say would be a good idea others may not.

User Info: NewShire

6 years ago#14

This is my most anticipated game right now, and even with that said, I'm trying to keep my expectations in check.

Oblivion, Fallout 3, and New Vegas are great games for sure, but it's painfully obvious that their true potential is held back by the limitations of the tech they had to work with.

Even with a brand new game engine, I have a hard time imagining that huge potential fully realized on an Xbox 360, PS3, or even a current high end PC.

So I'm not sure Skyrim is even going to be close to my dream game, but it's still gonna be incredibly awesome.

I just hope it's not too much to ask for seamless transitions in and out of buildings.

User Info: themagicpainman

6 years ago#15
I couldn't be happier. Only 3 out of 100 ideas are even worth reading let alone being put in the game.

Yeah seriously...
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User Info: VaultTecBoy1986

6 years ago#16
Python_2k9 posted...

He's still here? Hellz to the Yes!
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User Info: Coynoh

6 years ago#17

well i mean, i look at it this way. this game could, for me, just be oblivion elder scrolls 4 just packed into a different map and new quests. as long as i get half as much entertainment out of this game as i did oblivion. i would be very impressed. i mean cmon now folks. oblivion was EASILY one of the greatest games of all time. skyrim is going to be better than oblivion. so like, thats sold it for me like :P

User Info: Staticnova

6 years ago#18
It's also my most anticipated game - possibly ever. My main hopes right now is that magic turns out the way I want it to (visually appealing and varied spells) and that the character progression and leveling allows for a decent amount of customisability. I also have other hopes of course, like that exploration is rewarded and that looting is the way we all hope it to be.

However, I know full well that some aspects will be lacking. Generally stuff that normally is lacking in sandbox games, such as AI and behaviours. It's likely the game will be buggy now and then, too.

With the inevitable stuff aside, though, I still won't be surprised if this manages to be on of my most favourite games ever, if not my favourite.
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