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User Info: anluan

6 years ago#1
What will shops be like in Skyrim. Do youthink they will be like morrowindwhere you could buy/sell multiple different items at once and the store would gain or lose money as you go, or like oblivion where each store had a set amount of money that did not vary and you could buy or sell only one type of item at a time.

Or something completely different?

I personally would love morrowinds shop style returning
It made it feel more like there was an actual economy, Andorra I sold something worth a lot of gold I could always buy items to make up the gold the shopkeepers did not have

User Info: drumble89

6 years ago#2
I think bringing back Morrowind's economy system would be cool, make the game more realistic.

I would also like a way to be able to sell those ridiculously valuable items you find as loot. Something like an auction, where you'd actually be able to get the full price of the item.
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User Info: rivve_

6 years ago#3
Yeah, I preferred Morrowind's buy/sell system to Oblivion's, though I didn't really mind Oblivion's too much either.
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