Hype about Skyrim

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User Info: DarkMagicTerror

6 years ago#1
Ive heard alot of great things about this game but honestly i wouldnt care if it was just like oblivion but w/ better graphics cuz i loved oblivion but im pretty sure that after 4 years they're gonna improve way more than just the graphics.
Skyrim Baby!

User Info: jakethesnake159

6 years ago#2

I hope that all the news we have heard so far is all true, but i'm not holding my breath.

User Info: Great_Pagliacci

6 years ago#3
I agree with TC

If you don't go into this game with overinflated unfounded expectations then it will be more enjoyable.

Enjoy games for what they are, not what you want/wish they were. Sure you might have some good ideas for how they could do something better, but how do you know they didnt have the same ideas? Maybe it wouldn't work well or the code would negatively effect other gameplay mechanics.

"Didn't live up to its potential..." Is the most tired annoying criticism on the boards of other games. What potential? The potential to be some different game?
Do as little as possible, and that unwillingly. For it is better to receive a slight reprimand than to perform an arduous task. ~ Michael Lewis

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