TES 6: Akavir.

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User Info: Rayneworks

6 years ago#1
This WILL be the next Elder Scrolls game, mark my words. So far I've called Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim, all at least a year before they were announced. Although I'll admit I saw "TES 4: Cyrodiil" being the name, not Oblivion. Called Skyrim during my first playthrough of Oblivion, hearing NPC's going on about "Fighting in Skyrim" and "Graybeards''

Black Marsh would make for a horrible game, come 2015 (Also calling it) we're gonna see TES 6: Akavir, BELIEVE IT.
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User Info: JohnRyan1228

6 years ago#2
no its too soon to be doin Akavir i think. I personally wanna c Summerset Isles. Seems like an Awesome environment and i wanna see that mage tower or whatever it is
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User Info: Rayneworks

6 years ago#3
Wait, forgot about Fallout. Change that call to 2017 for Akavir.
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User Info: scary ghost man

scary ghost man
6 years ago#4
Well, Akavir COULD be an interesting way to go. t offers new races to play as, a completely new world, new everything.
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User Info: matterdoesnt

6 years ago#5
Much of what is known about it in Tamriel is acknowledged to be incomplete or inaccurate from what I read from the wiki wish I knew what it sounds like

User Info: GaMeKzwner101

6 years ago#6
hearing NPC's going on about "Fighting in Skyrim" and "Graybeards''

you also hear them talking about the argonian homeland... etc.
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User Info: Teabag_11

6 years ago#7
Summerset Isle. No doubt. I don't understand why people want Akavir so badly. It's probably best that they never make an Akavir game because you know ignorant Morrowind fanboys are going to complain about it not living up to their expectations.
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User Info: MetallicACDC

6 years ago#8
I was expecting Akavir to be TES 5 to be honest. However, after thinking about it...Akavir is an entirely different continent. There's only 4 races, and none of the races of Tamriel live there (and they can't live there). A possibility though would be DLC in which you sail to Akavir and invade or something...though that wouldn't make much sense, as the Akavirian races naturally overpower the races of Tamriel.

tl;dr: I don't foresee TES moving to Akavir, unless Beth really switches up some lore, or comes up with some crazy way to integrate it while still remaining true to the current lore.

User Info: PimpHandofGod

6 years ago#9
MetallicACDC posted...
(and they can't live there)..

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User Info: VasDeferens

6 years ago#10
I read a rumor that Bethesda might be saving Akavir for an MMO TES game .
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