3rd person is actually playable in this game.

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  3. 3rd person is actually playable in this game.

User Info: The_Djoker

6 years ago#1
Looks really solid. Not like oblivion and fallout 3 where you character looked like he was floating in the air.
I prefer 3rd person since 1st person gives me headache a lot i might play this game in 3rd person most of the time.

This game looks great.

User Info: kylethepile

6 years ago#2
I have to agree. Compared to other Elder Scrolls games they've done an amazing job.

User Info: memo76

6 years ago#3
I am hoping for a good 3rd person option. Why do they even make armor look different if you never see it?

User Info: ronnet

6 years ago#4

memo76 posted...
I am hoping for a good 3rd person option. Why do they even make armor look different if you never see it?

Because many enjoy walking in third person and fighting in first person. 3rd person was added as a novelty in Morrowind, just a different way to view the character. The franchise is all about freedom after all.

The reason why it works better in this one is because they've put in a kinetic system where you're semi-locked on targets. This has been seen before in games such as Halo. So you don't have to be as accurate as before, and in third person is makes all the different. But 3rd person still isn't as good as in a true third person game, its still a 1st person game but from a different perspective. Meaning that thigns like attacks and their corresponding animations are designed for 1st person. So you won't be able to do quick backslashes at enemies behind you as you normally would in a 3rd person game. It remains restricted and I'm sure people are going to complain.

User Info: Godly_Goof

6 years ago#5
ya so glad they upgraded the 3rd person animations in this, got to used to playing in 3rd person on the PC version with all the better animations i just can't go back to 1st person anymore X3
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User Info: Kagemunchin

6 years ago#6
Really? But how I am supposed to aim using 3rd person view?
I find it quite hard using spells or shooting arrows that way. Sure using melee weapons is easy, but what about using a fireball.

User Info: KrimsonKracker

6 years ago#7
Lol. I actually got quite good in Oblivion at aiming in 3rd person. You got a good feel for it if you did it enough. Just kept back-peddling if I wanted to make things easy.

User Info: Elimin8orDan

6 years ago#8
It looks like they took a note from when they did Fallout 3 and added targeting reticles for all your 3rd person long range needs.
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User Info: zerobobo

6 years ago#9
i always walked around town and explored in 3rd person to appreciate how cool my characters look, but combat and looting and stuff was all done in first person.

so yeah, im looking forward to the more functional 3rd person camera

User Info: lil55dude

6 years ago#10
They've added a crossair to the third person view to make aiming easier. One thing I have yet to see though is when you access your menu can you look at yourcharacter? They've shown how you can see all your items and such fromthe menu but I have yet to see the character on the menu. Perhaps i just missed it? Or am forgetting. Would not be the first time lol.
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  3. 3rd person is actually playable in this game.

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