Bound Weapons?

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User Info: ParaGoomba

5 years ago#1
Hey guys I posted this in the EDGE magazine article topic but I just wanted to get your opinion on this

This is one of the links that was posted and in this picture it looks like the character is using what could be the new Conjured weapon appearance. What do you guys think? It would def. be better than just using the deadric weapon skins that bound weapons used in the previous games. Imagine using a ghostly two handed sword! Bad Ass!
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User Info: ZozmaSage

5 years ago#2
Strong possibility.

There was a reason bound weapons had daedric skins; according to the lore, mages essentially bind a daedra into the form of a weapon when they cast bound weapons. Real daedra weapons are themselves ebony weapons with a daedric spirit trapped inside.

User Info: ParaGoomba

5 years ago#3
Interesting. I had no idea there was lore attached to the appearance. Either way this new "ghost" like appearance is pretty cool
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User Info: capnovan

5 years ago#4
I believe it to be a Bound bow. Look at the quiver, it has the same ethereal quality.
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5 years ago#5
I hope the arrows can be separate, I'd love to run out of iron arrows at a critical moment only to summon those beasts.

User Info: Aggrobiscuit

5 years ago#6
Dunno if it's bound or not. If so it could be interesting to have angelic/good looking bound gear as well as the Daedric looking stuff from Oblivion.

Also bear in mind that it could be an Elven bow, or Ayleid.
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User Info: stikz27

5 years ago#7
maybe it's a visual effect for an enchantment?

imagine goldbrand lighting up in flames when you swing it. yes.
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User Info: ArchMageSynok

5 years ago#8
stikz27 posted...
maybe it's a visual effect for an enchantment?

imagine goldbrand lighting up in flames when you swing it. yes.

if it was an enchantment you'd see a solid weapon within the effects. This is definitly a bound weapon. I hope we can get summon a whole set of bound armor, how awesome would that look?!
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User Info: quadruplesword

5 years ago#9
Also bear in mind that it could be an Elven bow, or Ayleid.

I'd say that's not likely. If it was Elven / Ayleid, it would be solid. You can tell that the bow he's using in the picture is transparent. I also doubt that it's an enchantment visual effect because, again, the weapon would look solid.

Either way, though, I'm very happy that conjured weapons and armor (?) have their own unique appearance now. I might go with a Conjuration and Destruction focused character just so I get to use those awesome looking bound weapons. Also, I'd like to know if the strength of bound equipment is determined by your Conjuration skill.

Just a last minute thought. What if they changed the way bound equipment works so it has unlimited duration but consumes magicka every time you attack with your weapon or, if you're using bound armor, every time you get hit? That'd be a neat way to implement bound equipment spells (and would remove the annoyance of recasting the spell every time it runs out).
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

5 years ago#10
Yeah that has to be a boun weapon, if it was an Enchatment, then there'd still be a solid weapon as someone said.

With that said I'll be useing bound weapons allot if they look like that, it looks sick.
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