Give a reason to pick the race you're going with

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User Info: 15643

5 years ago#1
Dark Elf: Major resistance to fire will be handy against dragons.
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User Info: T_Hess

5 years ago#2
Nord, for cliche reasons.
Also resist cold, good against frost dragons.
Other reasons
He shall be THOR wielding a hammer and lightning magic. Lolz

User Info: DrakoVongola1

5 years ago#3
Khajiit: They are the superior race of Tamriel.
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User Info: Mu_Nova

5 years ago#4
Assuming such affinities as in Oblivion...

Dark Elf: Bonuses in bladed weapons (well, one-handed this time?), archery, and Destruction magic, all of which I use. Perfect for my first run where I do pretty much everything that interests me: Being a good, sneaky shortsword-and-bow-wielding mage woman. And the fire resistance won't hurt at all for early/flame dragons.

After that, Wood Elf: Bonuses in archery and sneak, both of which I'm fond. This would be my mostly-strict archery playthrough.
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User Info: troyplokhooy

5 years ago#5
Nord - Because I have played as a Nord since Morrowind. Tried the other races, didn't like them. And then I learned that the Nords were modeled after Nordic and Northern Scottish, Nord has always been my go-to since. - Not me. Something horrifying.

User Info: Immortal_Azrael

5 years ago#6
Dark elf because they've always been the most balanced race and they look the coolest.
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User Info: Enderiv4

5 years ago#7
Argonian. they're awesome. 'nuff said.
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User Info: ACDCrocker680

5 years ago#8
Probably an Argonian because... well have you seen the damn character models for them?!

User Info: Edgemaster70000

5 years ago#9

**** race bonuses, I've always loved reptiles and always will.
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User Info: darkcresent91

5 years ago#10
Orc warrior
always the first race/class I use
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  3. Give a reason to pick the race you're going with

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